When you arrive your home, Pakistan, after getting your
 Medical degree, you must be very happy that you have achieved your main goal. But the real life begins from here, many students think that they should get rest in their homes for few months, but this is not a good idea as you would lose your fresh skills while staying away from the medical environment.
You should check for the date of upcoming PMDC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council)  examination, and if its few months later, you should try to join any hospital for internship/observership/clinical attachment. This will help to build your clinical knowledge and skills. If the exam is just a month or so away, just prepare for the exam by revising your university lectures or any other helpful material, because one month isn't enough to revise the whole books. You just need the points to be revised, as the exam is objective type and it includes only MCQs. You will know the pattern of exam while you go through this site.
For a Medical foreign graduate, it is necessary to get himself registered with PMDC , to start his practice. In order to get registered with PMDC, all graduates must undergo examination held by NEB (National Examination Board). The examination is held twice an year, usually in March/April and in Sep/Oct, according to the published notification.
All foreign graduates must have to pass NEB examination in order to get R.M.P. Here is a list of Recognized universities/colleges in Pakistan, by the PMDC.
Three important points mentioned in the new PMDC Regulations 2008:
73. One year house job in clinical subjects in PM&DC approved hospitals is required for conversion of Provisional Registration into Full Registration.
74. Clinical work /resident training of one year duration abroad is also acceptable.
75. The clinical work / house job done before award of degree as part of studies in case of foreign graduates of Pakistani nationality who qualify National Examination Board shall not be acceptable for full registration. One year housejob after provisional registration as supra shall be required.


Following are the brief steps to apply for the PMDC registration.
·  Get the Overseas Basic Qualification Form downloaded from download section of this website, or this form is also available at PMDC office/branches, in quadruple (four) copies. This form is actually the Eligibility Application form, submitted to obtain eligibility to sit in the National Examination Board examination.
It should be filled in quadruple copies.

·  The documents required to be attached with this form are:
(i). Ten passport size photographs duly attested by authorized officer of Pakistan Embassy in that country OR by an authorized officer of Ministry of Foreign Affairs OR by the Principal of a Medical /Dental College of Pakistan.
(ii). Four Photostat copies of degree marks sheet and other documents duly attested by person specified above. Each page should be attested separately. In case the degree is in the language other than English then four copies of authenticated English translation along with one copy of degree in original language.
(iii). Copy of syllabus/University calendar in original in English language. In case the same is in language other than English then copy of authenticated English translation along with one copy of syllabus/ university calendar in original language.
(iv). Course outline showing the allocation of hours for teaching program of each year/semester of all subjects taught and examined.
(v). One Photostat copy of first 4 pages of passport and the page on which the date of leaving Pakistan and date of entry to Pakistan are stamped before and after obtaining qualification, respectively.
(vi). One attested Photostat copy each of National Identity Card and Domicile Certificate/Nationality Certificate.
(vii). An affidavit for proper identity (specimen click here).
(viii). One attested Photostat copy each of metric as well as F.Sc (Premedical) and in case such qualifications acquired form foreign country equivalence certificate from any agency in Pakistan.

·  The attestation of the all above documents will be done by the RMC (Rawalpindi Medical College) Principal, for a fee of Rs. 700.
·  A Registration fee of Rs. 500 and Processing fee of Rs. 4000 to be submitted to the Bank counter inside the Reception office of PMDC, when submitting the Basic Qualification Form ( Eligibility Application Form).
An Eligibility letter will be posted to you within a week of your Eligibility Application Form submission, only if you are considered to be eligible to sit in NEB exam.
NOTE: If you don't get any kind of post/letter from PMDC within 10 days of your application submission, please contact PMDC office on the phone. (051)9266004.
When you get eligibility letter from PMDC, get another Examination Application form from the PMDC office for Rs. 100.
The checklist of documents for Examination Application form is as below:
·  Eligibility letter photocopy.
·  Four passport size photographs. (If photos are same as submitted with eligibility form before, then there is no need to attest the photos. Otherwise, three photos should be attested from back with one attested in front.)
·  A declaration on a Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.10/- duly testified by Oath Commissioner (Specimen enclosed).
·  Copy of NIC or Domicile.
·  Examination fee of Rs. 10,000 to be submitted to the Bank counter inside PMDC.

These above documents can be attested by any member of PMDC, medical professor, assistant professor or associate professor.

After the Examination Application Form has been submitted, they will send you the Admit Card about a week before the examination.
See Examination format here.
Click here to read Regulations for Examination in detail.